Angel Vivaldi Launches Patreon with Hilarious Video


Solo instrumentalist Angel Vivaldi has always had a knack for top-notch videos and the announcement for his new Patreon campaign is no different, complete with a champagne glass toss and flawless execution of the following line: “I’m gonna raise the bar so high bitches won’t be able to reach it.” Never change, Angel!

In case you didn’t know (I guess I never fully realized it), Angel has been self-financed, self-managed and self-released for his entire career. That’s hella impressive given all he’s accomplished. But you certainly can’t knock the guy for asking for a little help, and Patreon is the perfect way to do it: for as little as $5 a month and as much as $75, you can support Angel directly and receive a variety of different perks including guitar lessons, early access to music and more.

Support Angel on Patreon here. And pray for more music videos with choreographed dancing.

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