Members of Walking Bombs and Gridfailure To Release New Album Suicide by Citizenship


Morgan Y. Evans of Walking Bombs and David Brenner of Gridfailure have teamed up to create a musical experimentation and release Suicide By Citizenship in late April. The members originally met in 2016 when Evans invited Brenner to provide guest vocals for a track taking a stab at our 45th president entitled “Demagouge.” After the magic spawned in those sessions, Evans and Brenner decided they wanted to further explore their ideas in a collaborative release that combines a wealth of genres (punk, dark ambient and hardcore to name a few) to deliver a message of their discontent of the current state of America and its administration.

Suicide By Citizenship will truly be an experimental and symbiotic effort with a wide variety of impressive musicians from around the country all taking part in adding their own footprint on the album and its commentary on today’s political climate, such as Thomas Andrew Doyle (TAD, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth), Laura Pleasants (Kylesa, The Discussion), Elizabeth Le Fey (Globelamp), BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot), Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), and more.

Evans of Walking Bombs says:

“This album to me represents people’s faith in the American Dream being exploited, ground up and spit out by gerrymandering, self-important Christo-fascists and unchecked capitalist greed. It’s a total farce to think corruption won’t run rampant in a society with no checks and balances.”

The album will be available through Nefarious Industries on April 26th, with the opening track “Armchair Expert” now up for streaming, embedded below. The full Suicide By Citizenship track listing is:

1. Armchair Expert
2. Blood Offering Distraction
3. Bare Shores Bleed
4. Supply And Demand Of The American Soul
5. Now We Know Who You Are
6. Suicide By Citizenship
7. Aneurhythmic
8. Bleeding Out

Have you ever heard of a more patriotic list of song titles?

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