Enlarge The Ronnie James Dio hologram tour has over 100 dates planned for 2019.

There is a New Ronnie James Dio Hologram for 2019


Public opinion continues to be divided on the very idea of a touring hologram of Ronnie James Dio. On one side you’ve got the entire internet which collectively seems to think it’s a horrible idea that desecrates Dio’s legacy, and the other side you’ve got the thousands of people who are paying for tickets to these shows and, presumably, having a blast. Further proof that the internet is not reality. Nickelback Syndrome and all that.

With a new year comes a new Dio hologram tour — the estate that runs this thing boasted late last year of having more than 100 shows booked for 2019 — and with a new tour comes a new version of Dio. New and improved, version 2.0, bug fixes and the like! Man, this is so fucked.

Eyellusion, the company that builds these holograms, just released a trailer showing off the new HoloDio and… it looks like Dio. So did the old one. There’s isn’t much footage of the hologram in action, and they haven’t specified what’s new about it — presumably they want you to pay for a ticket to see that — but you can get an enough of idea of what it looks like if you’re interested in seeing.

Have at it below. Dunno about you, but it gives me the creeps. Uncanny Valley, etc.

[via Metal Injection]

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