Gojira Guitarist Christian Andreu Got Burned in the Face by Pyro and Still Finished the Show


Gojira guitarist Christian Andreu was burned in the face by pyro at the band’s show yesterday (Saturday, May 18th) at the inaugural Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, OH (the rebranded Rock on the Range). Amazingly and heroically, he was still able to finish the show.

Strong winds gusting through MAPFRE Stadium had been causing flames from the band’s pyro displays to be blown out of line since their set began, and Loudwire reports that Andreu was seen in between songs signaling to a tech to cut the pyro up front. The message apparently didn’t get through, and a Twitter user caught video of Andreu getting blasted in the face by a ten-foot flame towards the end of the band’s song “Stranded:”

Andreu walked off stage, prompting frontman Joe Duplantier to say into his microphone, “Did he get burned?” Andreu returned to the stage a few minutes later, his face reportedly red, and finished the entire set (which included four more songs) with occasional breaks to soothe his mug with water.

I don’t think anyone would’ve been mad had Andreu decided not to continue, but holy hell, what a metal warrior! We hope you’re doing, OK, dude.

Gojira are scheduled to perform today at Chicago Open Air.

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