Poll: Which System of a Down Album is Their Best?


Last week’s Slipknot-based poll was fun, yeah? Think we’ll make a weekly thing out of these. In hindsight we should’ve provided more options for that one — a scale of one to five type thing — but, lesson learned!

This week we’re taking it back to some of Slipknot’s contemporaries who came out of the very same scene, System of a Down. The Los Angeles-based quarter hasn’t released new music in nearly 14 years so unfortunately there’s nothing new to argue over… but that absence might just make the debate about which of their five full-lengths reigns supreme even more heated. Do you prefer the aggression and frenetic nature of the band’s earlier work or do you dig the more introspective and dynamic late-era material?

For the purposes of this poll, Mezmerize and Hypnotize have been separated (they came out six months apart despite their spiritual connection). We’re including Steal This Album!, too, even though it’s not a proper SoaD album, although we’re pretty sure that one won’t win out (but hey, prove us wrong).

So, get to it! Which System of a Down album is their best work?

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