Start Your Day with An Industrial Metal Blast from Nitro/Noise


In case there was any doubt that the industrial metal revival I predicted years ago is now in full swing, look no further than Montreal-based noise makers Nitro/Noise, whose new EP Nn: Echoes landed in my inbox earlier this month and promptly got my eardrums rattling and my skinny white boy booty shaking.

“Love Hate Love,” the EP’s first full track, borrows its mid-paced, thumping groove and baritone fried vocal approach straight from Rammstein, with Nine Inch Nails-like electronic elements pushed way to the front to complement the chugged, palm-muted riffs. But Nitro/Noise aren’t simply a retro retread: some of the keyboard work pulls straight from the synthwave sonic palette, and when the guitars are allowed to venture into lead territory they sound distinctly Swedish. “I Won’t Back Down” leans harder into Perturbator’s realm, relying on electronic drums and bombastic, hard-hitting sound effects that are so heavy they veer into Author & Punisher territory. Make no mistake about it, though: this is no art project, it’s a full-on gambit to mainstream success with pop songwriting as its focal point. And it does so exceedingly well.

Put another way: this shit fucking rips. I’m REALLY curious to see what this band looks like live. Get yer asses down to New York, boys, let’s party.

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