Are Bring Me the Horizon Collaborating with Halsey?


Well, I’ll give this to Bring Me the Horizon: they’re not taking the negative fan reaction to their latest album to heart.

Even though Amo was heavily criticized for taking the group in a poppier direction (it even includes a song with Grimes), resulting in a 75% dip in first week sales compared to their last album, BMTH has yet to do what most metal bands have done when faced with a similar backlash: try to walk back their “creative evolution” and win back the fan base. To wit: just last month, they released a new cover of a song by the pop artist Anohni. And now online speculation is that they’re working with… Halsey.

The rumor resulted from the below social media post of the pop chanteuse in the studio. Inexplicably, BMTH members Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish are tagged in the post. Naturally, this has led to conjecture that we’ll soon be getting some kind of Bring Me the Halrisey collaboration. (I suppose it’s also possible Halsey is recording a Bring Me the Horizon cover, although I dunno why she’d tag two members of the band in that case.)

This is obviously not the move a band makes when they’re trying to reassure fans that they’re still the same old Bring Me the Horizon with whom everyone initially fell in love (even if Halsey does love Marilyn Manson). I may not like BMTH’s music (be it pop or metal), but I admire their chutzpah.

We’ll let you know when we know more about whatever the crap is happening with Halsey.

[via The PRP]

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