Uniform & The Body Collaborate on New Track “Not Good Enough”


Industrial noise giants Uniform and The Body are releasing a collaborative record for the second time: Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back. The title is pulled from the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, dealing with the ugly, cyclical nature of tragic loss.

“Not Good Enough”, the album’s latest single, is pretty self explanatory. Uniform vocalist Michael Berdain explains:

“There is no deeper meaning to Not Good Enough outside of what the title spells out. It is a song about my relationship with my worst enemy: myself. So much of who we become is shaped in our early childhood. For me, my identity was that of a heavy set kid with a learning disability from a broken home in a rougher neighborhood. I may have grown up. My physical body may have changed. I may have made peace with my family. I may have escaped my hometown. I may have developed techniques to function as an adult. In the end, in my mind, it means little to nothing. I am still the hyperactive fat kid who can’t stay still and gets beat up in the nearby park. Self knowledge avails me little. True or not, I will never be complete. I will always be defective. I will never be good enough. All of the love and success and acceptance in the world will never heal the scared little kid in my head.”

This existential strife is explored via harsh power electronics, anguished, wailing vocals, manipulated guitar sounds, and who knows what else. It’s exactly the kind of thing I like to hear from the duo — sounds that aren’t afraid to be repulsive, that penetrate the ego and burrow into the deepest, darkest corners of the mind.

Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back will be out August 16 on Sacred Bones. You can preorder that, as well as a CD featuring both collaborative albums, right here.

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