Breaking Tortilla Man Update: Clown is “Ecstatic” About New Slipknot Member


LOL @ me (or you) thinking that the nonstop Slipknot news parade would end once the album came out last week. It’s only just begun! Slipknot are gonna be on tour for the next two years (at least), during which time we expect the endless new$ cycle of $hit Corey Taylor said and words Clown uttered to keep dominating headline$.

Besides which, we still don’t know the identity of the band’s new percussionist — nicknamed “Tortilla Man” by fans for the look of his mask — so the search must go on! Corey Taylor and Jim Root are all too happy to remind you that really you should’ve figured it out already, and now Clown has jumped aboard the trolling train, too, chiming in on the subject in a recent chat with Spotify’s Metal Talks in his distinctly nonsensical Clownian way:

“We just had a lot of things happen. We’ve been doing it so long. I just put my foot down. We changed all of our crew. We’re just a whole new family. We really wanted to bring it in. It’s got nothing to do with everybody that was with us; it has to do with us trying to find each other and literally being happy with the nine of us being out here. ‘Cause there’s things happening all the time. We’re older. I’m gonna be 50 in September.

“Recently, we just had to get a new member. Things happen. It’s nobody’s fault. These things happen. Humans are humans. Things happen. I always hate it when things change, and I always feel bad, but people have to be responsible for their own lives. I can’t tell people what to do or what I think — they have to make their own decisions. And like I said, we’ve been doing this a long time now. We’re not just a baby band anymore. And we’re all getting older. We were old to begin with. I started the band when I was 26, got signed when I was 29, and was 30 years old when I was on the road. I’m gonna be 50 in September. So, you know, things are tough.

“I think the world has an expectation that a band can stay together. Health — mental, spiritual — these are all things that get alleviated as you go on. Things change. And we’re not really good with change, but we’re really good with picking up the pieces and getting to work.

“I’m really ecstatic with the new member. It’s a lot of fun. And it’s just nice that, at this stage of the game, when something like this happens, we can actually get someone who appreciates it and will bring 190 percent. Because we could easily get down, and I can easily let the press get to me, and fans and things, but they don’t know all the circumstances, do they? And they’re never gonna, because they shouldn’t anyway. It’s our family business, and there’s much love for all the guys who are no longer in Slipknot. Paul Gray has passed away, and he’s missed every single day. Not our choice, but if Slipknot’s gonna continue, we’ve gotta pick up the pieces and we’ve gotta do the best we can for the culture. So that’s what we do. So we just picked up the pieces recently, and we’ve done what we’ve done, and we’re moving on and everyone’s really happy, and we’re very happy. Sorry things had to change.

“There’s no such thing as control for all of us. All of us have to let that go. I can’t control people. I can’t control their outcomes. I can only get up and do the best I can every day, so that’s what I’m doing.”

So in other words…. “I’m 50 now, we just changed out all of our crew, we miss Paul Gray, and the new guy is pretty cool.” Isn’t that so much simpler? But nope, Clown gotta Clown and make like 500 words out of it.

You can check out the chat below. We Are Not Your Kind is out now, as you know.

[via Blabbermouth]

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