Cannabis Corpse Are Back to Give You a Lift

  • Axl Rosenberg

Sometimes I think Cannabis Corpse were made explicitly for my pleasure. They’re a death metal band obsessed with weed, horror movies, and lowbrow humor. I don’t know if I could design a more appealing package if I tried.

So it is with great pleasure that I report the has announced their next album. It’ll be called Nug So Vile (get it?), and it’ll be out on November 1, just in time for you give a copy to everyone you know as a holiday stocking stuffer.

Here’s the album art, which is just, mwah!, goddamn great. It makes me wish there was a ridiculous ’80s gore flick about a massive nug of homicidal weed.

Cannabis Corpse Are Back to Give You a Lift

Much to my delight, Mr. Marijuana Monster is also the star of the crudely animated, disgustingly droll video for Nug‘s first single, “Cylinders of Madness.” Despite the title, the song’s combination of thunderous low-end and flesh-tearing guitar stabs owes more to Cannibal Corpse than it does Morbid Angel. It’s a really good song, one that once again proves Cannabis Corpse are more than just a gimmick. (Although their gimmick, as I said, happens to be one of which I approve.)

Did I mention the video is all kinds of entertaining and gross?


Pre-order Nug So Vile here.

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