8 Photos of Metal Musicians and Their Cats to Brighten Your Day


For reasons unbeknownst to myself and the rest of planet earth, the internet fucking loves lists. Why do we want to see a list of shit like “Top 10 Shitty Band Tattoos” or “10 Times Corey Taylor Breathed” beats me, but sign me up and you’ve got my clicks.

We here at MS decided to give the people what they want so we’re rolling out a weekly list of whatever we feel like listing at that particular moment. I’ve been given the honorary pleasure of beginning this tomfoolery, so here are eight photos of metal musicians with their cats, simply because the internet fucking loves cats and we love metal. Put that together and you have some of the best photos ever to exist.

1. Paolo Gregoletto (Trivium)

Here is Paolo hanging out with his eternally grumpy cat. If you want to see more of this gross display of cuteness, head to his Instagram for more daily reminders that metal musicians are all soft and fuzzy on the inside.

2. Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation)

One of the most brutal technical death metal vocalists hanging out with his choooonky black cat.

3. Fenriz (Darkthrone)

Not entirely sure what Fenriz is up to in his spare time these days, but it sure as hell doesn’t include the grimness and frostiness of black metal. Look at how happy he looks with his cat!

4. Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)

If you follow Randy on Instagram, you already know about his stupidly adorable cat, Salad. This photo was taken from an old ass video promoting Lamb of God’s Bloodstock show back in 2013. For hilarious Instagram stories of Randy yelling at his unsuspecting cat, give him a follow.

5. Alex Skolnick (Testament)

The guitarist himself with a kitten… The Brotherhood of the CATS.

6. Chris Rörland (Sabaton)

War, tanks, and CATS. Chris Rörland has the haaaaardest looking grumpy cat out there. He looks like he’s ready to jump into a battle vest and fuck shit up.

7. Ryan Blake Folden (Lacuna Coil)

If you were having a bad day, well, it’ll all be better after a glimpse of this photo. This cat should be the face of all metal. All hail the metal cat lord!

8. Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus)

Gary’s “Caturday” posts are the cutest thing on my Instagram feed. I imagine Gary scrolling through his Instagram, finding cat memes, chuckling and thinking, “Heh! My fans will love this!” and then proceeding to post a cat meme every Saturday. “After nearly 40 years, Slayer apparently remain as terrifying to some as ever.” Pish posh, I say! This picture proves otherwise:

So there you have it! Eight photos of metal musicians hanging out with their cats. Wasn’t that a stupid list? Yes. Was it wonderful? Also yes. Carry on with the rest of your day. You’re welcome.

Bonus pic:

Geddy Lee of Rush and his cat.

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