Mastadon Touring with Throwdown; Mastodon Not Touring with Throwdown

  • Axl Rosenberg

Welp, here’s a potentially confusing situation: Mastadon, not to be confused with Mastodon, will be playing with Throwdown, not to be confused with Throwdown.

To clarify: not that I knew this until five minutes ago, but there’s apparently an EDM artist known as Mastadon, and another EDM artist known Throwdown, and those are the acts that are gigging together. And as I said, this is potentially confusing, with the metal Throwdown already having been tagged in a social media post pertaining to the EDM Throwdown at least once.

Kind of interestingly, Mastadon actually changed his moniker to Marauda back in April, according to EDM Sauce (see, there is a name dumber than MetalSucks), specifically to avoid confusion with Mastodon (it’s unclear whether or not Mastodon’s lawyers also had anything to do with it). But I guess whomever made that above show poster, which was for a gig in August, didn’t get the memo.

In any case, now Mastadon can look forward to be confused with Maruta or Marauder instead.

[via The PRP]

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