Dino Cazares Chimes in on Fear Factory Lawsuit


Update, October 7, 11:03am EDT: Could Fear Factory be planning to continue on under a different band name to skirt their ongoing legal issues? Read more here.

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The past week has been an eventful one for Fear Factory fans.

It started with a tweet by guitarist Dino Cazares, who told a fan that “There is no new Fear Factory album” despite vocalist Burton Seabell’s previous claims a new album was complete, turned into the label, and slated for a 2019 release. That tweet led MetalSucks to the discovery of court documents detailing a lawsuit between Bell and former band members Christian Olde Wolbers and Raymond Herrera, the details of which are quite convoluted — you can read our detailed analysis here — but the end result of which is that there won’t be new Fear Factory music released any time soon as the legal battle drags on.

Cazares is an innocent bystander held hostage by the ongoing suit. While not involved in the legal proceedings directly, Dino performed alongside Bell in the most recent iteration of the band and is highly regarded by fans as a crucial member. Still, Bell and his wife, Amy Abattoir (née Johnson), own all the rights to perform and release music under the name Fear Factory and, as best we can tell, Bell has a separate deal on the side with Cazares for his participation, or something to that effect.

Now Cazares has chimed in on Twitter once again to address the lawsuit coming into public view over the past few days. And while he didn’t shed any light on the most recent status of the legal proceedings — the last information we were able to obtain was from February of this year — he made his feelings on the issue quite clear, saying:

“The Great Lemmy Kilmister once said ‘there are three things that could cause the demise of a rock/metal band: Drugs, Alcohol and Women’ but he forgot one the thing Lawsuits”

It’s unlikely Dino or Bell will comment publicly on an ongoing legal issue — although it seems Christian Olde Wolbers doesn’t mind doing so — but this much is certain: no new Fear Factory music any time soon. Sorry, folks.

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