Bring Me the Horizon Debut New Song About Cough Drops

  • Axl Rosenberg

Bring Me the Horizon are passionate about cough drops. How passionate about cough drops? Their new song is called “Ludens.” That‘s how passionate they are about cough drops. I agree, it’s a weird subject for a metal band. Although come to think of it, maybe it’s not. With all the screaming metal singers do, I mean… you can’t tell me George Fisher doesn’t know the value of a good lozenge. In fact, I kinda wonder if this won’t mark the beginning of a tren-

Wait. What did you say? The song is actually for a video game called Death Stranding? “Ludens” is the company icon and mascot of Kojima Productions, who created the game? Oh. Well. That makes more sense I suppose.

Meanwhile, in the below interview, BTMH frontman Oli Sykes reveals that the band were only given five days to write and record the track if they wanted it included in the game. Normally I’d theorize that’s why the song is so bad, but this is Bring Me the Horizon and I have no real understanding of what makes any of their songs “good” or “bad.” They all sound equally awful to me.

Death Stranding comes out this Friday, November 8.

[via The PRP]

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