Five Footballers That Love Metal


Metal isn’t the first type of music you would associate with footballers and football changing rooms. However, some of the biggest names in the sport are huge fans of hard rock and heavy metal and are open about their love for the genre. Here are five of the biggest names in football that love to rock out.

Five Footballers That Love Metal

#5 Tomas Rosicky

Recently retired, Rosicky played with Arsenal for nine seasons towards the end of his career. During that time, he often spoke about his love for metal and how living in the U.K. enabled him to check out some of the biggest bands on the planet. Rosicky was a native of the Czech Republic, but despite his upbringing there he listed the hugely popular Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” as his favourite song. Other bands such as Slipknot, Pantera and Rise Against were amongst his go-to song choices, showing this popular player was a big lover of everything metal.

Five Footballers That Love Metal

#4 Slaven Bilic

Bilic has played in the Premier League with West Ham and Everton and is now coaching at West Brom in the Championship after previously managing West Ham. Not only is he a big fan of heavy metal, but he has also played it in the dressing room to get players pumped up before matches. According to former West Ham fan-favourite Julian Dicks, Bilic played Megadeth before a game at Anfield, which resulted in West Ham winning 3-0.

Five Footballers That Love Metal

#3 Carlos Puyol

The defender Carlos Puyol will be regarded as one of the best of his generation and was nicknamed “The Wall” by fans. He played only for Barcelona and was reportedly a big character in the dressing room. Alongside being a great Spanish footballer, he was also a big heavy metal fan, specifically death metal. He lists his favourite band as Napalm Death and was known for warming up on the pitch whilst listening to the band, as well as Cannibal Corpse, through his earphones.

Five Footballers That Love Metal

#2 David De Gea

Manchester United’s Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea is another player to openly love metal. He is known for putting on his music of choice in the Manchester United dressing room, much to the displeasure of others in there. He also presented a Manchester United football shirt to Avenged Sevenfold when they played in Manchester, and lists them alongside Slipknot and Metallica as his favourite bands.

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Five Footballers That Love Metal

#1 Sergio Ramos

Spaniard Sergio Ramos is seen as a no-nonsense, hard defender to go up against and it seems his music taste is similar to his image. The Real Madrid defender has said in the past when he has been asked that his two favourite bands are Motorhead and Guns N’ Roses. This was backed up in 2016 when Ramos took a picture of himself and his idol Axl Rose at an AC/DC gig in Sevilla.

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