Trivium’s Matt Heafy Guests on Cabal’s New Track, “Bitter Friend”


Nothing like a solid guest appearance to lend a new band a bit of caché and attract a few eyeballs, right? So now that you’re I’ve got you in here…

Cabal’s new track, “Bitter Friend,” fucking rips. The band comes from the heavier school of post-deathcore — think bands rooted in the genre that take greater artistic liberties with it, such as Fit For An Autopsy or Shadow of Intent — and Matt Heafy’s guest vocals, as good as they are, are the least interesting thing about it. I mean that as a compliment!

Here’s what Sir Trivium offered on the track:

“Cabal is one of the most frighteningly heavy bands I’ve ever had the privilege of being a fan of. Unstoppably powerful on album and live. It’s an honor to be asked to guest on a song with them. You all need their records.”

And the band themselves:

“Bitter Friend is a deep dive into the internal conflict between yourself and the side of yourself that you’d rather die than let take over and how if feels when you’re losing that fight. It’s a song on which we’ve experimented a bit with our sound while still staying true to what Cabal have always been about and last but not least it also has none other than the absolute legend Matt Heafy from Trivium doing an awesome feature on it.”

I’ll shut up now and let the music do the talking; check it out along with a nifty-looking video below. New album Drag Me Down comes out on April 3 via Long Branch Records’ pre-order here.

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