Headstrong Trapt Frontman Takes on Trivium, Entire Metalcore Scene, Claims He’s Being Bullied


As headstrong as ever, Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown — who has been entertaining the internet with a racist, ignorant, pro-Trump, coronavirus-related Twitter rampage for the past couple of weeks — is continuing to demonstrate his ability to take on anyone, this time Trivium and the entire metalcore scene, which he called out in a recent series of tweets.

After directly confronting members of Power Trip, Defiler and more, Brown got into it with Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto over the course of the past couple of days. Gregoletto called out Brown’s bizarre obsession with Pandora charts and presented streaming numbers of his own band for comparison, while Brown reasserted his claim that “white privilege does not exist” and continued to compare his band’s success to Trivium’s:

Now, in his latest tantrum, this time on Facebook, Brown has called out the entire metalcore scene who all “sound like the exact same singer” and its “teeny bopper followers,” while claiming that he’s being bullied:

“It is so hilarious and at the same time, sad to see so many people who you KNOW were bullied big time growing up, salivating at the chance to try and bully someone else now that they’ve grown up and are desperately trying to fit in anywhere they can…. Ya know like a metal or metal core ‘scene.’ A scene where everyone has to have the same beliefs or they just can’t talk about it. Living in an echo chamber that makes the individual conform to that group think. Maybe it feels just as good to hate as it does to love… Have any of you caught yourself ganging up on or bullying someone else in a sort of “turn the tables” kind of way?

“I don’t even think most know that is what they are doing. If their favorite ‘scene’ band has an idea, their teeny bopper followers follow along. They all believe the same things. No individuality in those ‘scenes’ at all. The bands have to sound the same too, especially metal core. It’s like they all have to sound like the exact same singer. One singer could sing for 4 warped tour bands and no one would know the difference🤷🏻‍♂️ Well, either way, if someone comes to try and bully you, make sure you stand up and defend yourself. Always! ~CTB

The irony of those claims coming from the singer of Trapt, one-hit wonders who made their ENTIRE CAREER on sounding exactly like every band in a particular “scene” — who touts proof of his current relevance as stats from Pandora, a platform predicated on algorithms that sort by genre — is just too much. As is the idea that he’s being bullied after previously taunting someone by saying they were “easily thrown into lockers and garbage cans growing up.”

The PRP took a screen shot of some comments on the post in which Brown got directly involved:

Trapt On Facebook

Finally, we’d like to shout out the best Instagram account in existence, Rigs of Dad, with its spot-on lampoon of the situation yesterday:

Some day soon Brown’s internet tantrum will end, or people will stop caring… but that day is not today.

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