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Life of Agony’s Mina Caputo Says She’s “Not Buying Into the Fear” Surrounding COVID-19

  • Axl Rosenberg

Does Life of Agony singer Mina Caputo have thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic? Oh, Life of Agony singer Mina Caputo has THOUGHTS on the coronavirus pandemic. And she shared them in a new interview with Cryptic Rock.

Naturally, I have thoughts on Caputo’s thoughts, so I’m gonna dissect her statements bit by bit, okay? Okay! Here we go:

“I’m not buying into the fear. They’re spending billions on dividing the globe with fear. It’s good to take precautions, but the common flu kills 700,000 people a year, vegetable oils kill more than million people a year, all the chem trails they are spraying are getting people sick and killing people year after year; it’s probably not even charted.”

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 290,000 – 650,000 worldwide respiratory deaths caused by influenza annually, so the 700,000 deaths per year figure is somewhat exaggerated. So is the vegetable oils statistic — the WHO posits that “Approximately 540,000 deaths each year can be attributed to intake of industrially produced trans-fatty acids,” and that “High trans fat intake increases the risk of death from any cause by 34% [and] coronary heart disease deaths by 28%.”

Chem trails are responsible for zero people getting sick and/or dying annually, because they are fictional.

“With all the pesticides they are spraying, even my dog suffers with severe allergies because of the shit they spray in the neighborhood.”

Pesticide drift is a real concern for people who live near a farm or anywhere crops are grown. Caputo reportedly lives in Brooklyn. That doesn’t mean she definitely isn’t a victim of pesticide drift, but it’s probably less of a concern than if she lived in some other parts of the world.

“They are playing one big game, it is one big racket with us it seems. Celebrities and athletes can be tested, but common and uncommon folk can’t even get a test kit?”

Well, we agree on that, at least — it is bullshit that celebrities and athletes are having an easier time getting tested than everyone else.

“They are playing with our morality. Look at the food companies, look at the pharmaceutical companies – they probably already have a cure.”

I don’t know why the economy going in the shitter would be good for food companies or pharmaceutical companies. Maybe there’s some V for Vendetta-style conspiracy shit going on here, but probably not.

“Anyway, this is just my speculation and I don’t believe 80% of what I hear and read.”

So she shouldn’t be offended if I say I don’t believe about at least 80% of what she’s saying.

“If you’re an aware person with your consciousness scorching and on fire, you can absolutely see the pattern of how government plays with fear and humanity’s emotions. It’s what the media’s all about: they’re in the business of programming minds and culture. They’ve been doing this for thousands of years already in different ways. This is just another program, and honestly, I ain’t buying it.”

She kinda-sorta had me until she called the pandemic “just another program.”

“I don’t care about being quarantined because I have no social life anyway.”

Somewhat off-topic, but okay.

“Like I said, it’s good to take precautions, but if you haven’t been washing your hands, eating the right food, then you’re a fucking idiot anyway; you shouldn’t need a pandemic to straighten you out, you should already be taking care of yourself.”

We agree on something again!

“I feel bad for the people in the families that have been affected, and I know it’s a real thing, but I’m reading things all over.”

But you don’t believe 80% of those things, right?

“Some say it started from a bat, some say it started in a lab. To be honest, I’m going the lab route because there are many agendas on this planet.”

For the gazillionth time, the theory that the coronavirus was started in a lab has been disproven. So stop saying that shit.

Man, this interview and the recent John Dolmayan fiasco really bum me out. Obviously talent and level-headedness don’t always go hand-in-hand, but still, it would be great if we could leave the conspiracy theories to Black Veil Brides and nu-metal revivalists.

You can read the entire interview with Caputo here, although I don’t know why you would.


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