Trapt Frontman Thinks “Rich Jews” Shouldn’t Make Trap Music


Can Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown continue to prove himself as even more of racist, bigoted idiot than he already has over the past month? Why yes, of course he can!

To recap: what first began as a xenophobic, pro-Trump nervous breakdown on Twitter has evolved into public beef with members of TriviumPower Trip, Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, Born of Osiris, Attila, Chelsea Grin, I Prevail, and a cadre of other bands. Most recently, Brown ran afoul of Body Count frontman Ice-T, then got into it with Danny Diablo aka Lord Ezec, a staple of the NYHC scene for almost thirty years who was once arrested for attempted murder.

Which brings us up to yesterday, when Brown, who does not believe that white privilege exists, pulled out the standard right wing talking point about how he supports ALL Americans regardless of skin color and doesn’t think it should be used as an excuse to claim oppression:

Never mind that black people (and other minorities) in America are routinely treated different by government policy, their oppression the result of hundreds of years of segregation, not the least of which was LITERAL SLAVERY, the effects of which are still very much present. Leave it to Chris to not let pesky details like actual facts get in the way of analysis!

Next, someone going by the handle @goatse_trapt responded with a screen shot showing a direct message exchange with the singer. In that screen shot, Brown responds to a photo of a white person throwing down what Brown must have thought were gang hand signs — but might actually just be a pentagram hand sign — with a racial epithet, saying “I bet you have rich parents! I will dig it all up and expose your ass. Rich Jew trying to act tough! Fuck you. I have a fucking militia behind me.”

Brown’s response to being confronted with direct evidence that he finds it perfectly acceptable to shit on some ethnicities while claiming the very opposite just moments before? Certainly not contrition, oh no… digging himself even deeper, naturally!

So, to recap: Brown doesn’t think any ethnicities should be able to say they’re either better than or oppressed by others, but he thinks it’s perfectly alright to define what behavior they should or should not engage in. Even if it were the case that Jewish gangs do not exist — they very much do, which Brown seems completely unaware of — his stance would be woefully contradictory to his position that skin color and ethnicity are irrelevant factors in today’s America. What’s more, Taylor has propagated the stereotype of Jews as nefarious rich, media-controlling money men, once again, while claiming ethnicity shouldn’t matter.

Tune in for another episode of “What Fucked Up Shit Did Chris Brown Say Today?” tomorrow on MetalSucks or your metal outlet of choice.

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