Video: Metalheads Teach Young Girl How to Mosh in the Pit


In spite of all the slack metalheads get from the mainstream — that we’re shallow, mean, unintelligent brutes — any actual metalhead knows how kind, compassionate and welcoming our community truly is. That spirit of open arms and camaraderie was on full display at a recent Killswitch Engage concert, when a group of grown-ass men showed a young girl the ropes on how to mosh, right in the middle of the pit!

Video of the heart-warming rite of initiation shows a man encouraging the girl, who looks to be maybe 10 years old, to run into his shoulder full bore, like a boxing training egging on their pupil to throw a punch with all they’ve got. Others soon join in the fun, with one man picking up the girl and running into another mosher. The intensely muddy environs only add to the fun of the situation, with the girl clearly enjoying herself, grinning ear to ear.

Have a watch below, and remember to support young folks in the mosh pit whenever we’re finally allowed to enjoy live music together again! If the below embed doesn’t work for you, watch the video here.

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