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Carpenter Brut Unleash Searing Synthwave Cover of “She’s a Maniac”


To say that synthwave and the ’80s go together like two peas in a pod would be a massive understatement; the entire genre is rooted in retro-futuristic nostalgia. So it’s no surprise to see one of synthwave’s heavyweights, Carpenter Brut, tackling “She’s a Maniac,” Michael Sembello’s theme song from the 1983 film Flashdance.

It’s also no surprise that it absolutely rips! Everything Carpenter Brut touch turns to gold, and this time around they’ve gotten an assist from Yann Ligner, vocalist for the French metal band Klone. Brut’s version gives the nearly 40-year-old song a bit of an aural facelift, invigorating it with a new, propulsive energy that’s somehow even more danceable than the original, filled to the brim with the synth goodness we expect and some particularly hard-charging breaks.

Give it a jam below on your platform of choice.

Thanks: Bill T.

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