Is This the Artwork and Title for Cradle of Filth’s New Album?


Last week, Cradle of Filth posted the following image on their Instagram story…

… and then promptly removed it.

The band’s store not only doesn’t have anything of the sort available for sale, but it’s got nothing for sale, period.

Naturally, all that’s lead Cradle of Filth fans to believe that they’re getting ready to announce a new album, but someone jumped the gun and posted the above before they were supposed to. Either that or the “mistake” was an intentional ploy to drum up interest. Who knows? Either way, it seems we’re getting a new Cradle of Filth album called Abstinence in the near future, and there will be a circular jigsaw puzzle in a record sleeve as a pre-order option (a neat piece of merch I haven’t seen before) featuring the artwork.

My money’s on a new song and official album announcement this Friday, July 17… but we’ll see!

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