Ozzy Osbourne Calls Donald Trump “a Fool”


It’s been clear for awhile that Ozzy Osbourne is one of the many, many sensible people in the world who don’t think Donald Trump is doing a very good job running the country. He took legal measures to stop Trump from using “Crazy Train” in a propaganda video, and neither he nor Sharon had anything particularly nice to say about the guy during an interview earlier this year.

But now, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Ozzy has been more directly critical of Trump than he’s ever been in the past.

Although Ozzy can never be the President of the United States on account of having been born in England, Rolling Stone asked the Godfather of Heavy Metal what he’d do if he could run. His answer?

“If I was running for president, I would try and find out a little bit about politics. Because the fucking guy you’ve got in there now doesn’t know that much about it, I don’t think. The Constitution says that anyone can be president. But it’s not like anyone could be a fucking heart surgeon and just go in with a scalpel. You have to know what you’re fucking doing.”

For those of you sitting in the cheap seats, “The fucking guy you’ve got in there now” is Donald Trump. I know there was some confusion with the “Individual 1” thing so I just wanna be clear.

ANYWAY, after suggesting that there should also be an age limit for presidential candidates (“Eight years to us is nothing but to us, but if you’re fucking 76, eight years is like death.”), Ozzy goes on to harshly criticize Trump’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic:

“In my lifetime, I’ve never known anything like this. It’s getting worse, not better. And this guy’s acting like a fool. I don’t really like to talk politics that much, but I’ve got to say what I feel with this guy. There’s not much hope left. Maybe he’s got a trick up his sleeve and he’s going to surprise us all, and I hope he has. [Recently], over a thousand more people died in one day [in America]. That’s fucking crazy. People got to get with this social distancing and mask-wearing or else it’s never gonna go away.”

Again, for the cheap seats: “this guy” is Trump.

Should Ozzy’s opinion influence how you vote in November? Honestly, I think if you need Ozzy to tell you Trump is yutz, you probably have bigger problems. Maybe look into Billy Madison-ing yourself and going back to kindergarten.

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