I Wonder If Soundgarden Have Considered Hiring Richie Kotzen

  • Axl Rosenberg

I wonder if Soundgarden have considered hiring Richie Kotzen.

I began to wonder this after listening to Kotzen’s new song, “Raise the Cain” (which I’m legally obligated to mention features Mike Portnoy on drums).

Kotzen (Winery Dogs, ex-Poison, ex-Mr. Big) has always been a great singer. But Jesus Christ (pose), does he ever sound like Cornell on “Raise the Cain.” I think you could probably play it for someone who didn’t know better and convince them that it was, indeed, a latter-day Cornell recording.

Look, I’m not saying Soundgarden should replace Cornell. Nor am I suggesting that filling the shoes of one of rock’s all-time most iconic frontmen would be an easy task.

But the band seems to have their heart set on soldiering on in some capacity. And they’ve been involved in a legal battle with Cornell’s widow, Vicky, over the singer’s final recordings, which they say were intended to be used for a new Soundgarden album. In other words, they wanna do Static-X-style posthumous release.

That means they’re gonna need a Xer0. And vocally, at least, Kotzen fits the bill.

Also, it would just be kinda funny if a dude who used to make his living playing “Talk Dirty to Me” now made his living playing “Let Me Drown.”

You can check out “Raise the Cain” below. Then head to the comments section to tell me my logic is sound(garden).

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