Listen to Jeff Hanneman’s Unreleased Demos for Reign in Blood

  • Axl Rosenberg

Man, remember like ten years ago, when Slayer was still Slayer? Good times.

Speaking of Slayer: Jeff Hanneman’s unreleased demos for Reign in Blood have popped up online (they’ve actually been up for a minute, but Metal Hammer just shared ’em, thereby bringing them to this blogger’s attention).

Recorded entirely by Hanneman and a drum machine (alas, not Scott Hull’s), the demo contains five of Reign’s ten songs in rough form: “Criminally Insane,” “Altar of Sacrifice,” “Reborn,” “Jesus Saves” and “Raining Blood.” The tracks have some significant differences from their final forms (besides the lack of vocals, bass, or real drums, I mean), making them a must-listen for Slayer die-hards.

You can check out the demos below.

Slayer’s Kerry King is working on a new project, which will include former Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph, and the guitarist says he’s got two albums worth of material written already. Rumor has it the band will also feature Phil Anselmo and Gary Holt, effectively making it the Repentless-era of Slayer only with a different vocalist.

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