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Metallica are the Most Popular Metal Band to Exercise To


That Metallica are the most popular metal band to exercise to shouldn’t come as much of a surprise: they’re the most popular metal band ever, period — by a LOT — so it stands to reason folks who like their music would also enjoy it as a workout soundtrack (I suppose you could make a dark horse argument for Hatebreed, whatwith all their positivity chants and such).

Still, Metallica fans will be delighted to learn that a new study has made it official: Metallica are the most popular workout soundtrack for metalheads. The study, conducted by fitness equipment retailer FitRated.com, polled 1,000 people on a wide range of music-related workout habits, and the results provide a fun look into what Americans listen to while they sweat.

Some key takeaways from the survey include:

•  Lady Gaga is the most popular workout artist.
•  YouTube is the most popular way to listen to workout music.
•  Respondents who listen to hip-hop/rap while exercising have the most intense workouts.
•  Respondents listening to music while working out are more likely to work out regularly and feel more motivated.
•  Pilates is the most common type of workout for which people use music.

Anyone wanna start a Metallica pilates class? Clearly there’s a market for it.

Unsurprisingly, pop is the most popular genre for workouts. Metal placed sixth in the list of genres people reported listening to while they exercise:

  • Pop 53.4%
  • Hip-Hop/Rap 48.6%
  • Classic Rock 46.3%
  • Alternative 30.4%
  • Electronic Dance Music 29.2%
  • Heavy Metal 24.0%

Some news on metalheads in particular: weightlifting is the most popular workout activity for fans of the genre, while metal fans are the most likely to run a sub-seven-minute mile. We’re athletic! Punk fans work out the longest, averaging 53 minutes per session.

As this article’s headline states, Metallica are the most popular metal band, according to the survey. Kiss and Slipknot placed second and third.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park and Nirvana are the three top alternative bands in the survey, while Queen, AC/DC and Aerosmith earned top honors for classic rock.

Read the full report over at FitRated.com.

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