Staind’s Aaron Lewis Compares Liberals to the Devil


Staind’s Aaron Lewis has a solo song called “If I Were the Devil,”* which features lyrics about all these evil things Aaron Lewis would do if he were, y’know, the Devil… e.g. “make Man think he created God and not the other way around,” “take all religions and turn them against each other,” “force everyone to listen to Staind,” etc., etc.**

And Rock Feed reports that Lewis has been performing this song as of late at outdoor, socially-distanced shows… only the Staind frontman, clever boy that he is, has been changing the lyrics to “If I was a liberal.” Because liberals are evil, like the Devil! Get it? Man, with razor-sharp wit like that, it’s a wonder Lewis knows how to wipe his own ass.

Lewis has been an outspoken conservative for some time, calling Donald Trump a “patriot” whose impeachment was “unconstitutional,” making tacitly racist comments about Mexicans, and continuously threatening to make new Staind music. But he also compared Fred Durst to the Dalai Lama and doesn’t know the words to the national anthem, so a rocket scientist he ain’t.

You can watch video of a performance of “If I Was a Liberal” below, in case you need to punish your ears, your brain, and your soul today. Below that, I’m gonna put the 1966 Phil Ochs song “Love Me, I’m a Liberal,” which is a satire of liberalism that, by way of contrast with Lewis’ work, is actually biting, and likely required more than half of one dead brain cell to write.

*Please note that I was blissfully ignorant of the song’s existence prior to this morning. I don’t “get” Aaron Lewis, or Staind, for that matter. In the words of Howard Stern, “maybe it’s ’cause I went to college, and I never drove a truck and had sex with my daddy’s sister.”
**I may have made one of these up.

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