Kallias: Listen to This Band Right Now!


After 14 years of writing about metal, I have run out of synonyms for crushing, brutal and punishing, and I am bereft of ways to say that something is very, very good. I’m devoid of new words to take the place of “progressive,” a term so overused it means a hundred different things to a hundred different people, and my shelves have been cleaned of methods urging listeners to give a new band a listen because really, trust me, you will love This Thing, I promise.

So how about this: Kallias, a newish band from New Jersey who fall somewhere on the death metal spectrum, are all of the things I described above: heavy, good, and proggy. And you should definitely check ’em out. You will like, I promise! Just do it.

The band’s new EP, The Fourth Phase, comes out on October 30.

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