Kid Rock Attends Final Presidential Debate, Has to Be Told to Wear a Mask

  • Axl Rosenberg

Did everyone see the debate last night? Man, I gotta tell ya, I was really on the fence about who to vote for, but after both men calmly laid out their policies and aired their philosophical differences in such specific details, I’m really leaning towards-

[laughing hysterically]

I’m sorry. I thought I could make it through that with a straight face. The debate was, of course, a waste of time, albeit slightly less of a waste of time than the first debate because they could mute President Babyneedsanap’s microphone.

ANYWAY, I mention the debate because you know who attended and sat in the audience like a good lil’ cheerleader for his BFF Donald Trump? Kid Rock!

And you know who apparently had to be told to put on a goddamn mask while he attended the debate? Also Kid Rock!

Seriously. Here’s a photo of him after being told to put the mask on. He’s looking it at like it’s an instruction manual for putting together furniture from Ikea.

Okay so the guy in the American flag jacket and the guy dressed like he’s in New Kids on the Block who both appear deeply confused by the world’s simplest apparatus are there for Trump. Safe to assume the guy in his big boy clothes who already has a mask on is there for Biden? Probably, right?

Here’s another photo of Rock and golfer John Daly practicing super-duper-extra-safe social distancing:

I didn’t know who John Daly was until last night, but I now see multiple reasons to hate him: his profession, his fashion sense, his political leanings, and his irrational use of “MTHA FUCKAS.” Why would he write it that way? It’s not to dampen his use of profanity, unless he somehow left out the wrong letter. It’s not because he was almost over Twitter’s character limit — he wasn’t. It is like everything this guy does is a PSA that says “Hi, I’m John Daly, and I’m a total fart nugget.”

As for Rock, this is not his first, second, or twentieth time behaving like a total moron with regards to the coronavirus. In March, his Nashville bar and restaurant, Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse, refused to close despite orders from the the city’s mayor, John Cooper, to shut down bars and restaurants so as to slow the spread of COVID-19. Then, in July, they sued the city for “financial compensation for loss of business income during state and local stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic.” And just last month, Rock performed at a rally with Donald Trump Jr. Looks for him and Five Finger Death Punch to announce the “FREEDOM, BRUH” co-headline tour of coronavirus hospital wards any day now.

[via Metal Injection]

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