Soilwork’s Björn “Speed” Strid is Now Available to Sing on Your Band’s Track!


Soilwork and The Night Flight Orchestra vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid has made something of a name for himself in recent years as the guy who will sing on your band’s song if you pay him a fee. While the argument could be made (and I’m sure has) that doing so decreases his own value and takes attention away from his day job bands, I wholeheartedly reject that theory: the dude is hustling, and he’s making a living as a musician in an industry that gets tougher with each passing year! What’s more, the strategy looks even more clever in the tour-less Covid economy than it did before.

Besides which, who WOULDN’T want the guy on their track? He’s got one of the best, versatile and most instantly recognizable voices in metal (and, with The Night Flight Orchestra, AOR dad rock).

And so: Björn has opened up submissions once again for bands looking for an on-tape cameo. He announced the news via Soilwork’s Facebook page, saying:

“Ladies n gents, it’s time for Round 2! Do not miss out on the chance of having Björn Speed Strid featured on your song/album! Only serious offers please. Contact: [email protected]

“Serious offers,” I presume, means that Björn isn’t going to sing on your band’s track for a 12-pack of donuts and a pat on the butt, and I would surmise also includes some element of quality control where he won’t agree to sing on a shitty-sounding demo or live basement recording. But if you’re an up-and-coming band in search of a bit of a PR boost, as well as looking to make your song just plain BETTER, you should jump on this opportunity ASAP before he gets all booked up. You know what to do… email the man. No punishers, please.

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