Is Of Mice & Men’s New Song “Timeless”?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Of Mice & Men, the band that makes me long to find the George to my Lennie, have debuted a new song called “Timeless.” The title is kind of hilarious, given that it’s a metalcore track already feels dated.

But this band is really popular. So fuck me in the ear I guess.

ANYWAY, here’s singer/bassist Aaron Pauley quote about the track:

“‘Timeless’ is a song about becoming increasingly aware of impermanence, written through somewhat of a somber, yet romantic, lens. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was watching a lot of black and white movies. One of my favorite movies is Casablanca. I wonder if any original copies exist. You know, although that movie is universally regarded as being timeless, the actual celluloid is so fragile. But I think we find a special kind of vibrance in life when we’re aware of our own impermanence.”

Well, Aaron, my man, I have good news for you: the Library of Congress who added Casablanca to the National Film Registry in 1989, just a year after the the National Film Preservation Act was passed. So there’s definitely, at bare minimum, one very high-quality celluloid print* of this movie in existence (and given it’s popularity, I’m gonna guess Warner Bros. has at least a few others to rent out to revival houses). YAY!

You can listen to “Timeless” the song below. Timeless the EP comes out February 26 on SharpTone Records. You can pre-order it here. There’s another single, “Obsolete” (also an unintentionally funny title!), available for your listening pleasure here.

*I don’t know what the shit Pauley thinks he means by an “original” copy — like, is he talking about the original negative straight out of the camera? The intermediate print used for post-production? A work print? For our purposes I’ve assumed he means a 35mm celluloid print.

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