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Necrophobic guitarist Sebastian Ramstedt caused something of a stir recently when he said to V13 Media that “I think Jake E. Lee is much better than Randy Rhoads, and you can’t say that out loud, but I believe that.”

As indicated by Ramstedt’s comment “you can’t say that out loud,” his opinion flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that Rhoads was, is, and shall forever be the best Ozzy guitarist* (not including Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi — we’re only talkin’ members of Ozzy’s solo band here). But that’s just Ramstedt’s opinion, to which he’s certainly entitled!

Speaking of opinions… do you agree with Ramstedt? Disagree? Maybe you don’t think Rhoads or Lee was the best Ozzy guitarist — maybe you prefer Zakk Wylde or Gus G., or maybe you’ve spent almost 40 years pining for the return of Brad Gillis.

Let your opinion be known — cast your vote for your favorite Ozzy guitarist below! Then head to the comments section to discuss and debate.

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Which Ozzy Osbourne guitarist is the best?
Which Ozzy Osbourne guitarist is the best?
Which Ozzy Osbourne guitarist is the best?

*So much so that we considered making this a poll of fans’ second-favorite Ozzy guitarist, because Rhoads just seems like such a lock here. Guess we’ll see!

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