Atreyu Release New Songs “Warrior” and “Underrated”

  • Axl Rosenberg

As you likely deduced from the headline, Atreyu have released two new songs.

The first one, “Warrior,” features Travis Barker from Blink-182. Therefore, I will never listen to it.

The second one is called “Underrated,” and I tried to listen to it, but then the auto-tuned-as-fuck chorus kicked in and I moved on with my day. I will say that while I didn’t exactly “like” what came prior to that chorus, it was kinda interesting insofar as I wasn’t expecting its interplay of good cop/bad cop vocals during the verse. So. That’s something.

You can listen to both track below.

Neither song features longtime Atreyu frontman Alex Varkatzas, who left the band last year. He subsequently called  “Save Us,” their first single without him, “fake heavy.” Drummer/guy who provides the sounds for auto-tune to fix, Brandon Saller, later asserted that Varkatzas actually helped write “Save Us”: “For him to say it’s fake heavy, then he wrote a fake heavy song.”

In the weeks prior to his departure, Varkatzas took to social media to express a desire to start “a super heavy band” with “some sick Swedish riffs” and “super heavy breakdowns,” citing groups Blood Has Been Shed, In Flames, and Lamb of God as potential influences. Nothing seems to have come of that yet.

These are the days of our lives.

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