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Gary Holt on Possible Slayer Reunion: “I’m Full Speed Ahead with Exodus Now”


The “will they or won’t they?” reunion speculation following Slayer’s retirement spectacle in 2019 is on hold as a result of the pandemic, whatwith touring completely on hold at the moment. But that question will no doubt dog every member of the band until the day they die, even if they swore up and down over and over again that their two-year farewell tour was really, truly, we promise, pinky swear, their final ever. “But what if? Just one show?”

The latest to be asked: the member with the least sway in such decisions, Gary Holt, who took over on guitar after Jeff Hanneman died in 2013 (and had been filling in since 2011).

Speaking with Rocking With Jam Man, who asked if Slayer would ever consider reuniting for a special show or tour, he said:

“That’s a question I couldn’t answer you, whether Slayer would ever get back together. Those are questions that are above my pay scale, I guess you’d say.

“Look, if the powers that be ever — like, in a year or something — said, ‘Hey, you know what? We feel like playing some shows,’ I’m there to do it. But those aren’t decisions for me to make, or even me to really speculate on. As far as my knowledge, the band is over, and the final show was November 30th, 2019. And I’m full speed ahead with Exodus now.”

While Holt is busy with Exodus, rumors suggest he is also involved in a new band led by Kerry King that also includes Phil Anselmo and Kerry’s ex-Slayer bandmate Paul Bostaph. King revealed last summer he has two albums worth of music written, but it’s not clear if it was for that particular band.

While Slayer won’t be touring any time soon, the band’s manager indicated there would be life after touring for the group, saying in a 2019 interview, “That doesn’t mean the end of the band. It’s just the end of touring.” So there may be some life left in the Slayer tank yet in some form or another.

‘Til then, keep on speculating. You can watch the chat with Gary below.

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