New Cynic Album is Nearing Completion; Possible Title Revealed?


Last we heard from Cynic mastermind Paul Masvidal, in December of last year, the vocalist and guitarist, reflecting on the unspeakable tragedy of losing two longtime collaborators to death within 12 months of each other, balanced the darkness with light by promising a new Cynic album would arrive in 2021.

Masvidal seems poised to deliver on that promise if a new post on his personal Instagram is any indication. The photo shows Masvidal with vocalist and frequent Cynic collaborator Amy Correia in a studio, seated underneath a chart showing recording progress on what we can only assume are new Cynic song titles (or perhaps working titles).

“Mythical Serpents,” “Aurora (Stargate),” “Diamond Light Body,” “In a Multiverse Where Atoms Sings” and “Sentient Beings” are among the works listed on the chart, on which most of the columns — which typically denote individual instruments — have been checked off.

What’s more, the post’s caption reads “Channeling Light Language recording session,” the capitalization of which suggests that could be the title of Cynic’s next album. In case there’s any doubt the sessions are for Cynic and not some other project, Masvidal has tagged the band in the post. And those certainly all SOUND like Cynic song and album titles, don’t they?

Something else to look forward to as the miserable year that was 2020 morphs into the slightly more tolerable 2021. We’ll keep you posted.

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