Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy of the Beast’ Video Game: Now with More Amon Amarth


Iron Maiden’s free to download and play video game, Legacy of the Beast, has been kicking around for nearly five years now, but it’s just gotten a massive reinvigoration via Swedish Viking death metal legends Amon Amarth.

For those not familiar with the original iteration of the game, the RPG “casts the player as Eddie, Maiden’s psychotic zombie mascot,” and involves a “story [that] takes place throughout various moments in the history of both mankind and the band itself, pitting Eddie against a series of characters from Maiden’s artwork and songs and giving him all manner of weapons and powers derived from the band’s music and history.”

Entitled the Viking Invasion, Amon Amarth’s collaboration with Maiden will last for one month, and takes its broad themes from the classic Maiden track “Invaders.” A new storyline borrow from Amon Amarth’s latest album, The Berserker, and sees a lone Berserker character vow revenge on the culprits who slaughtered his family. How perfectly Amon Amarthian! Players can earn the Berserker character for free from now through May 12.

That link again: download the game here. You can watch a trailer of the collaboration below.

Iron Maiden recently rescheduled their 2021 tour dates (already once moved from 2020) to 2022.

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