Born of Osiris Announce New Album Angel or Alien – Listen to the Title Track Now


Born of Osiris have announced a July 2 release date for their sixth full-length, Angel or Alien. Based on the cover art, at least, it seems to have at least partially inspired by Stargate. I mean that’s literally a Stargate stargate behind the lady on the cover. Also, if you’ve never seen Stargate, it’s about aliens masquerading as gods — y’know, like people think they’re angels, but they’re actually aliens? Get it?

ANYWAY, you can check out the title track via the below music video, and pre-order the album here. The track list is as follows:

  1. “Poster Child”
  2. “White Nile”
  3. “Angel or Alien”
  4. “Waves”
  5. “Oathbreaker”
  6. “Threat of Your Presence”
  7. “Love Story”
  8. “Crossface”
  9. “Echobreather”
  10. “Lost Souls”
  11. “In for the Kill”
  12. “You Are the Narrative”
  13. “Truth and Denial”
  14. “Shadowmourne”

On a semi-related note, this dude left the below comment under the band’s album announcement on Facebook, and it delights me. I may be the most Metal Fan Social Media Comment of any Metal Fan Social Media Comment ever: it contains unsolicited feedback, an assumption the band will read it/give a shit what the commenter has to say, demonstrates imperiousness with regards to other forms of music, emphasizes arbitrary rules as to what does and does not constitute heavy, and takes a dig at the band for allegedly doing something despite the fact that it’s pretty much the same kind of song they’ve always released. Really, this is one for the history books:

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