All That Remains’ Oli Herbert: Connecticut Local News Airs Seven-Minute Segment on “Suspicious Death”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Two-and-a-half years after his death, Oli Herbert has basically turned into metal’s answer to Biggie or Tupac: one would assume that the case wouldn’t be that hard for authorities to solve, yet no answers have been forthcoming. Hopefully, the Herbert case won’t remain unsolved for another twenty-five years. Hopefully, this will help:

Lambgoat reports that Ashley Baylor, reporting for Connecticut television WTNH, has filed a seven-minute-long story about Herbert’s mysterious demise. It includes interviews with both Herbert’s sister and All That Remains’ Phil Labonte (vocals) and Mike Martin (guitar). And although the report, which doesn’t contain any information we don’t already have, it does a great job humanizing the guitarist for people who might be inclined to dismiss all metal musicians as lowlives.

You can watch the report below.

In October of 2018, Herbert, age 44, was found dead in a pond near his home in Connecticut. His widow, Elizabeth, initially said Herbert had drowned, and claimed a toxicology report showed that “Oli was apparently self-treating for manic-depression,” thereby implying that Herbert had suffered a fatal accident while intoxicated.

Police, however, deemed Herbert’s death “suspicious” and launched an investigation. It was eventually revealed that Oli, without consulting legal representation, made out a new will leaving Elizabeth everything just a week before his death. That investigation is still allegedly ongoing, although there hasn’t been an update since October of 2019.

A month later, the Facebook page Justice for Oli Herbert purchased a billboard near the late guitarist’s home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Meanwhile, in January of 2020, Labonte (understandably) expressed frustration with the lack of progress made on Herbert’s case.

If you have information about the death of Oli Herbert, contact Public Information at 860-685-8230.

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