Deafheaven Release New Non-Metal Song, “Great Mass of Color”


Deafheaven have unveiled a brand new single, “Great Mass of Color,” their first new music since the July 2018 release of Ordinary Corrupt Human Love.

And, is it just me, or does new Deafheaven music typically arrive with more fanfare? On both sides of the spectrum: the “yay new Deafheaven!” variety and, of course, the “false metal” vitriol the band has always attracted. Maybe all the cranky old metalheads have finally gotten the latter out of their system.

In any case, “Great Mass of Color” is hardly metal at all, which is perhaps why we’re seeing less chatter about it on our social feeds. Have Deafheaven now fully crossed over into the Pitchfork / Stereogum demographic? (dated references, I know, but the best I can muster). Save for a few screamed vocals in the coda, the tune is way more just standard shoegaze, with maybe a slight bit of heaviness; think Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr., etc., but with more of an atmospheric bent. And you know what? That is fine! Deafheaven have always done exactly what they’ve wanted and there’s no reason they should stop now. What’s more, it’s a solid song. I like!

Give “Great Mass of Color” a spin below. New album Infinite Granite is set for release on August 20 via Sargent House

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