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Stephen Pearcy: “I’m Opening The Door” for Ratt Reunion


Ratt are the very definition of a dysfunctional metal family. No matter how shitty they act towards one another, no matter how bad the latest split seems — this time is really THE END! — they always drift back together, linked by a shared history, financial necessity and ultimately love. It’s the latter part that’s kinda endearing and that resulted in the absolute masterpiece that was their 2010 reunion record, Infestation… before they split up again and ended up in a protracted legal battle, of course.

But now signs point to yet another reunion, or at least frontman Stephen Pearcy thinks so. Speaking to The Jeremy White Podcast, Pearcy, who has stayed busy with his solo band over the past few years while also touring as “Ratt” with only one other original member (bassist Juan Croucier, who, it’s worth noting, did not record on Infestation), said that he’d now welcome the opportunity to play again with Warren DeMartini and Bobby Blotzer.

Pearcy explained, referencing Blotzer’s recent guest appearance on Pearcy’s solo band’s livestream:

“Bobby came out and did the jam. I invited him out. You can call it ‘instigate,’ being the instigator, but why not? I’ve gotta be clear — I hate bullshitting our audience, thinking this Ratt. No disrespect to these other players coming and going, but it’s getting kind of silly. I’d rather be out doing my own thing until things come to order or we can take a step backwards and forwards and see what you’ve got. Bobby’s the swing, Juan is Juan, and Warren is definitely DeMartini, man. And rest in peace, Robbin [Crosby]; no matter who tries to replace him, it ain’t never gonna fucking happen. So be it.

“So, anyway, that’s where it’s at. Bobby came and jammed out. And he might sit in for a couple of shows. We’ll see what happens. I’m opening the door… It’s not being the good guy — believe me — it’s being the business-minded guy and having some respect for the legacy we leave. Because you know what? I’m on to other adventures in life. I love being on stage and this and that… I’ll give it a few more years of having at it and enjoying myself when I want — not because I have to. I don’t have to. I just have a little bit more respect and integrity for my band Ratt. And that’s about it.”

The other current members of Ratt can hopefully agree that they’re essentially placeholders for the classic members, but jeez, quite blunt of Pearcy to explicitly say that about his current employees, right? In spite of adding the phrase “no disrespect” that’s, well, kinda disrespectful.

What’s more, how frank of Pearcy to openly admit the reunion is “business-minded.” At 65 years old, I guess he just says whatever he wants now without giving a shit.

That said, it is big that Pearcy is opening the door at all. Pearcy, DeMartini and Croucier spent years fighting Blotzer in court over the rights to the band’s name. In initial injunction allowed Blotzer to continue touring his separate version of the band as Ratt, but that was later overturned. DeMartini, along with rhythm guitarist Carlos Cavazo, exited Pearcy’s Ratt in 2018.

Stephen Pearcy’s version of Ratt toured with this lineup for some time starting in 2018. Pearcy has also toured with his solo band, including a string of very drunken and/or drugged shows that raised worry.

So, classic reunion on the way? Every Ratt fan would welcome it. It just comes down to whether DeMartini is on board; Pearcy did recently say the two are on speaking terms, but I’d want to hear it from DeMartini himself until I get too excited.

Never a dull moment. Stay tuned!

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