The Jackass Forever Trailer is Here and It’s Insane


The legendary Jackass crew has gotten together for one last go-round, Jackass Forever, slated to arrive October 22. And, despite the aging cast of characters we know and love, they’re pulling off stunts as moronic and hilarious as ever.

“Concussions aren’t great. But as long as you have ’em before you’re 50, it’s cool. And Knoxville’s 49. So we’re good,” quips Steve-O in a new trailer for the film. And indeed, from human rocket launchers to snake bites to bike stunts to electrocution, the dudes are up to their old tricks, deteriorating bodies be damned… and you, I, and everyone we know is absolutely howling.

Give it a whirl below, including Machine Gun Kelly and Eric Andre in some promising cameos.

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