Enlarge Unlikely to settle the debate as to which version of Judas Priest is the "real" one.

Here’s a New KK’s Priest Song, “Brothers of the Road”


The debate amongst fans regarding the legitimacy of KK’s Priest, the new band featuring iconic ex-Priest guitarist K.K. Downing, as opposed to the actual Judas Priest, featuring classic members Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton (recording only) and Ian Hill, will likely rage on for quite a while in internet comment sections, social networks and at IRL late night bar arguments. Both parties have a legitimate claim.

My assumption was that the real Priest would have the most fan backing due to Halford’s presence, and that while no one would carry any serious ill will towards Downing’s version, KK’s Priest also wouldn’t have many ardent supporters. But according to one MetalSucks reader, Al C., I was wrong! Al feels that K.K. = Priest and that the band’s output since he left hasn’t been up to snuff, and he took the time to tell me as much in a personal Facebook message. He said:

“Former employer [a reference to this article, in which I referred to Judas Priest as Downing’s ‘former employer’ – Ed.], what are you on about? KK Downing is Judas Priest. Did you listen to the last two albums? They are missing something in the sound. Oh right, it is KK. You can replace Halford but KK and Tipton are the essential sound of JP. Now JP has neither of them, they should just change their name to Halford or perhaps Fight.”

Fight as in fighting words? Certainly! I imagine a whole lot of Priest fans will take exception to the assertion that Rob Halford is easily replaceable.

Mull that over while you listen to “Brothers of the Road,” the latest single from KK’s Priest. I’ve liked all three singles from the band so far, and I like Judas Priest’s last two records… I’ve been writing about metal for way too long to give a shit which outfit is “real” or not. It’s all good in my book.

KK’s Priest’s debut album, Sermons Of The Sinner, will come out on August 20 via Explorer1 Music Group/EX1 Records. Listen to previous singles “Hellfire Thunderbolt” and “Sermons of the Sinner.”

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