Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy Suffering From Liver Cancer


Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy has revealed that he was diagnosed with liver cancer three years ago.

Speaking recently to Laughingmonkeymusic, the vocalist revealed that his diagnosis “is a little personal to me, but I felt it was time to share it.”

Pearcy went on to explain how he was first diagnosed:

“How I found out is just through a blood test. I had hepatitis. Well, then, getting another checkup, I found out, ‘By the way, you’ve got a bit of cancer thing going there. We’ve gotta get in there.’ Then your whole world changes. Still, I didn’t feel like it needed to be out there until I started feeling guilty. Like, ‘Wow, man, I can help some people.’ Get blood tests. Take care of yourself.”

Fortunately , the singer says his treatment has thus far been successful:

“Everything’s kind of copacetic now. I’m on a ritual and monitoring things. I don’t know why I’m still here, but, look, I’m appreciating every day and minute above ground here, because all of our peers are seemingly disappearing. And it’s such a drag. But it’s under control.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

Pearcy, who has stayed busy with his solo band over the past few years while also touring as “Ratt” with only one other original member (bassist Juan Croucier, who, it’s worth noting, did not record on Infestation), recently said that he’d welcome the opportunity to play again with Warren DeMartini and Bobby Blotzer.

Pearcy, DeMartini and Croucier spent years fighting Blotzer in court over the rights to the band’s name. An initial injunction allowed Blotzer to continue touring his separate version of the band as Ratt, but that was later overturned. DeMartini, along with rhythm guitarist Carlos Cavazo, exited Pearcy’s Ratt in 2018.

Stephen Pearcy’s version of Ratt toured with this lineup for some time starting in 2018. Pearcy has also toured with his solo band, including a string of very drunken and/or drugged shows that raised worry amongst fans.


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