Enlarge A dude at a hardcore show smugly drank a beer with his back to the band. That didn't go so well for him.

Video: “When Drinking in the Pit Goes Wrong”

  • Axl Rosenberg

So a bunch of hardcore and metallic-hardcore bands like Dead to Fall and Xibalba played a show in Chicago last weekend, and during a set by one of the local support acts, MH Chaos, this happened (footage courtesy of Sunny Singh, a.k.a. hate5six):


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So: who’s the asshole here? The guy smugly drinking the beer right up against the stage with his back to the band, or the mosher who knocks that beer right into his face?

Maybe there’s some explanation as to why the Beer Drinker felt like he had to be right up front even though he wasn’t watching the band. But given the connotations of turning your back on a performer, he should have known that this was gonna come across as a dick move.

But maybe the Mosher is the asshole? I can’t tell if he did it on purpose or not, and I’m not sure if knowing would change my opinion of him. He did something that I admit is extremely funny. But also violence is bad. But also also is this really “violence,” per se? But also also also he may just completely lack any sense of awareness of the space of around him, which suggests a different kind of prickishness.

Debate this oh-so-important point of etiquette in the comments section below. Something to consider when doing so: Singh was able to “[make] contact with the recipient of the punch [and] he’s still chill as hell,” apparently telling the videographer:

“Haha, all good! I think the 2nd was mostly the cup. This is funny and not a lose-my-job viral. You da man!”

So at least none of us have to guilty about laughing at this.

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