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Impending Doom Release New Song, Speak English Good


Californian Christian deathcore outfit Impending Doom have announced plans to release a new EP, Hellbent, on January 12 via MNRK Heavy.

The first single, “Satanic Panic,” can be endured via the below music video.

Says vocalist Brook Reeves of the song:

“‘Satanic Panic’ is a song about the occult and ritual abuse reaching to the elite but in the end God has the final judgement.” 

Reeves’ phrasing makes it sound like he’s saying God will protect the elite (because otherwise the abuse of which he speaks would stem from the elite, not reach to them). But I don’t think that’s what he intended to say, because, well, “God protects the elite” is a weird message coming from a Christian band.

Given the reference to “occult and ritual abuse” and the fact that “elite” generally translates as “rich and powerful,” I think what Reeves was trying to say was ostensibly “Adrenochrome bad! Jesus good!”, or something of that well-educated nature.


Impending Doom — which also includes guitarist Manny Contreras and bassist David Sittig — recorded Hellbent with engineer Joseph Calleiro at Dungeon by the Sea in Los Angeles. The EP was mixed by longtime band collaborator Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Body Count, The Human Abstract, etc.).

Regarding Hellbent‘s cover art by Jim Pavelec, Sittig says:

“We’ve never done an EP before this, and we spent a lot of time writing the music on Hellbent. We don’t traditionally have many surprises with the art, but we wanted to try something different. We’ve used the same couple of guys to create art for us. But Jim had created this piece already, and we loved it so much that we reached out to him. He tweaked a few things for us, but he first made it on his own.”

Pre-order Hellbent here. The band is expected to announce new live dates “in the coming days.”

Hellbent Track Listing

  1. “Satanic Panic”
  2. “New World Horror”
  3. “Culture of Death”
  4. “Hellbent”
  5. “I Must End”
Impending Doom Release New Song, Speak English Good
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