Enlarge Corey Taylor by Bill from Jersey City via Wikipedia. Vampire via Deathless Legacy's "Your Blood Is Mine" video.

Corey Taylor Actually Isn’t In the Death Metal Vampire Movie (and He Sounds a Little Pissed That Someone Said He Was)


Yesterday, we reported on an upcoming crowdfunded horror flick named The Virginia Bitches, about an all-female death metal band full of vampires that runs into some trouble with some cannibals (live music is back, am I right?). The movie was rumored to feature several prominent metal stars, including Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe, Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor — except now, Corey has made it clear that he’s not in the movie, and he sounds a little steamed that it somehow came out that he was.

“I’m not sure how this got started, but I want to be clear: I am NOT in a movie called ‘The Virginia Bitches,’” wrote Corey via his Instagram. “My apologies to the fans, those involved with the film and all the media outlets who are reporting on it. Thank you. -CMFT”

First of all, and most importantly: we humbly accept your apology, Corey.

Second of all, man, someone fucked up! Corey Taylor was definitely the biggest get for that movie, especially given that it apparently takes place in the same universe as 2020’s Bad Candy, which prominently starred Corey.

Third — could this be a gag? Maybe Corey is in the movie, but plays Satan, or some sort of detective with a fake nose, or some other character whose credits listing involves ‘?’ That would be awesome, and this would be a smart way to drum up interest in the film. Though who knows, maybe that’s wishful thinking. Maybe Corey’s just chewing out his people at 5B as we speak.

Anyway, you can donate to The Virginia Bitches at their Indiegogo campaign. Check out the full list of other metal stars appearing in the film below:

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