Morbid Angel Drop Off MDF 2022 and Won’t Play “Any Other Shows in the Current Climate”


We’re stoked for Maryland Deathfest 2022, which has about as stacked a line-up as any death metal festival we’ve seen in years. But unfortunately, one band fans won’t get to hail Lovecraftian gods to is Morbid Angel, who have announced that they won’t be playing MDF or any other shows in the “current climate.” Which we assume means COVID.

The upside is that Morbid Angel will be replaced by Deicide, who’ll be playing their 1992 album Legion in full! Not a bad replacement!

Here’s the official statement, via MDF’s Facebook:

“We’re pleased to say that for the first time ever, DEICIDE will be performing the Legion album in its entirety at MDF 2022! They will be performing on Sunday, May 29th at Edison Lot.

“In other news, we need to report that the following bands have cancelled:

“Morbid Angel will no longer be performing at MDF 2022. Despite trying to convince them to not cancel, the only thing we’ve been told is that the band ‘will not be playing MDF or any other shows in the current climate,’ so we’ll let you interpret that however you see fit.

A bummer, but hey, that’s life after COVID. Meanwhile, they’re also not the only band to bail for various reasons:

“Archgoat and Valkyrja were due to tour together, but the tour fell apart, and despite attempts to salvage at least one of those bands playing only MDF, it just wasn’t possible.

“Blaze of Perdition have also cancelled due to their tour falling apart.Lastly, Antichrist have cancelled.

“IMMOLATION will be replacing Valkyrja on Sunday at Edison Lot.

“PROFANATICA will be replacing Archgoat on Sunday at Rams Head.

“AKHLYS will be replacing Blaze of Perdition on Friday at Rams Head.

“SULFURIC CAUTERY will be replacing Antichrist on Friday at Soundstage.”

Again, sucks, but no one thought this was going to go off without a hitch. Plus, we’ll always fuck with an Immolation show!

Check out the fully updated poster below:

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