Ozzy Osbourne’s New NFT Campaign Sounds Even Riskier and More Baffling Than His Last One


Last month, Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne launched his ‘CryptoBatz’ NFT campaign, which according to The Verge cost fans and followers tens of thousands of dollars. Now, Ozzy has posted a video launching another version of CryptoBatz, this one titled ‘MutantBatz,’ and if you thought the first one was insane and risky, boy howdy!

According to the video on his Twitter below, MutantBatz allows fans to have one of their CryptoBatz bite another CryptoBat and basically create a CryptoBat baby with both of those batz’s qualities. Which is weird, because that’s a vampire thing, not an Ozzy thing. When Ozzy bit a bat, he didn’t become a bat. Wait, is Ozzy a giant bat of some kind? Because that would make a shitload of sense.

But it doesn’t stop there — MutantBatz can also bite other NFTs, like those stupid apes or those moronic ducks or those dumbass aliens or those, uh, other stupid apes? And then create a bizarre bat hybrid. Basically, if you’ve bought a trendy NFT and want it to be a bat now, you can use this to do that. For some reason.

Why is this risky, you might ask? Simply put, the rules of infection. If Ozzy’s CryptoBatz can somehow infect your other NFTs, you know scammers like the ones who screwed over Ozzy’s original buyers will use that as a way for this campaign to infiltrate and scam buyers of other NFTs. That probably shows my complete ignorance as to how any par of NFT buyership and ownership works, but I know a questionable idea when I see one, and this one is setting off some pretty loud alarms in my head. Which, for the record, sound like me laughing at anyone who buys an NFT.

In any event, if you’re willing to take part in this insane online trend and potentially fuck your financial security into a coma, go to the CryptoBatz website on Feburary 20th!


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