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Crowbar Will Leave You “Bleeding From Every Hole”


Let’s address the bloody-holed elephant in the room: the new Crowbar track is called “Bleeding From Every Hole.” Why? We don’t know! Sure as shit not what we’d ever name a song, but then again, we’re not Kirk Windstein for a reason.

The track? A solid Crowbar track! Muscular and sludgy and a little punk-infused, definitely the kind of song we’re into. Premiered at Brooklyn Vegan earlier today. The video? Totally batshit insane! A weird post-apocalyptic (maybe?) feast in which everyone’s committing suicide except for the one woman who seems upset — until it turns out she’s the mastermind here! Is this a vaccination metaphor? We don’t know!

Says Kirk the Riff Lord:

“I really love this track. It’s kind of strange that it was written before the Covid epidemic because the song is basically what so many people went through in a metaphorical way during the shutdowns, loss of work, and social life.”

Back then, we weren’t just bleeding from one hole or another — people had EVERY hole going! We knew not the Eden we had then!

“Things seemed so bad that no matter which way you turned it was the wrong direction. I wanted to express that there are people that feel that things are hopeless… but they do get better in the end. Your inner strength is there. It needs to be let out. I hope everyone enjoys the song. It is really one of my favorites.”

There you go. Check out “Bleeding From Every Hole” below. Crowbar’s new album, Zero and Below is available for preorder. Scroll down for the tracklisting and cover art.

Crowbar’s Zero And Below:

  1. The Fear That Binds You
  2. Her Evil is Sacred 
  3. Confess to Nothing
  4. Chemical Godz
  5. Denial of the Truth 
  6. Bleeding From Every Hole
  7. It’s Always Worth The Gain
  8. Crush Negativity” 
  9. Reanimating A Lie” 
  10. Zero And Below
Crowbar Will Leave You “Bleeding From Every Hole”
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