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Exclusive Album Stream: Deserted Fear Are Ringing In The Endtimes On Doomsday


This week has definitely suggested that the end is nigh, and Deserted Fear are here with the soundtrack to your global demise. The German three-piece’s new album Doomsday is a delicious collection of crushing yet infectious death metal that makes the oncoming eschaton feel all the more palatable. With undertones of acts like Amon Amarth, Hooded Menace, and Desaster, Doomsday only furthers the band’s sonic death campaign, and will have listeners throwing horns out of their Volvo windows as they speed towards the mushroom cloud in the distance.

Exclusive Album Stream: Deserted Fear Are Ringing In The Endtimes On Doomsday

Before premiering the album, we decided to chat with guitarist Fabian Hildebrandt about the record’s themes and the band’s recent videos. Here’s what he said from his bunker…

With a title like Doomsday, I gotta ask: given what’s going on with COVID, Ukraine, and everything in between, is this it? Are we on our way out?

Oh man, yeah, it looks like doomsday! To talk about the title of the record, it wasn’t about a particular day. But we thought, if humanity continues like this, if we treat nature this way, or how we are with each other, in Ukraine and our society, then yeah, there’ll be a doomsday for sure. We live in Thuringia, with beautiful nature, lots of forests and rivers. We love to go fishing, and what you see hiking, what people leave behind, it just makes us sad. It’s what the record is all about.

What’s a track on the album that you think best represents Deserted Fear right now?

To be honest, I’m still not familiar with the song titles! I know the ones of the singles we released videos for! I also haven’t listened to it in weeks, because by the time it was done, I’d listened to it a thousand times. I’d probably say the first single, “Part of the End.” It’s hard to choose one song, because I love all them!

With live music coming back to Germany, are you excited to get lout there with this material?

Of course! That’s why we started the band — we just wanted to play death metal live! We never expected to put out five records and be playing great festivals when we started. But the energy, the feedback we get from the fans, we really miss this. We haven’t played in two years. It’s so strange — two years, not playing live! But we’ll be onstage this Saturday.

Your videos were all filmed in difficult places — a coal mine, the woods, a rainy military facility. Was that difficult?

To be honest, it looks more difficult than it was! When I look back at the “Welcome to Reality” shoot on the previous record, we had to carry all our stuff to the coast. That really sucked. But for this, it was pretty easy! At the coal mine [for “Part of the End”], the support was great by the old coal miners. They helped us and showed us and told us a lot of stuff about coal mining. The “Funeral of the Earth” video, we shot behind a friend’s house! But he lives deep in the woods.

Check out our exclusive stream of Deserted Fear’s Doomsday below. The album comes out March 4th via Century Media, and is available for preorder.

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